Global Residence and Citizenship Programs 2018–2019

Global Residence and Citizenship Programs 2018–2019 provides the most comprehensive, systematic analysis and benchmarking of the world’s leading residence- and citizenship-by-investment programs.

A distinguished panel of independent experts — immigration and citizenship lawyers, economists, country risk experts, academic researchers and other specialists — have created the Global Residence Program Index and the Global Citizenship Program Index as part of the report. These two indexes have become the global standard to gauge and reflect the relative worth of residence and citizenship programs around the world, analyzing a broad range of factors to produce an overall global view and ranking of the different investment migration programs on offer. These indexes are highly relevant to all those interested in alternative residence or citizenship options, but also industry professionals, private client advisors and others with an interest in the subject, as well as governments.

The report includes analysis of factors such as immigration law, tax, quality of living, as well as transparency, risk and compliance issues, and conveys scores and ranks using clear infographics and figures, complemented with concise explanation.

Updated with new expert commentary and navigational features, the Global Residence and Citizenship Programs 2018–2019 is an invaluable tool for anyone interested in investment migration.

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Insights — Global Citizenship Program Index (GCPI)

Download the GCPI General Ranking
Download the GCPI — Malta Graph
Download the GCPI — Cyprus Graph
Download the GCPI — Austria Graph
Download the GCPI — Antigua and Barbuda Graph
Download the GCPI — Grenada Graph
Download the GCPI — St. Kitts and Nevis Graph
Download the GCPI — St. Lucia Graph
Download the GCPI — Moldova Graph
Download the GCPI — Montenegro Graph

Insights — Global Residence Program Index (GRPI)

Download the GRPI General Ranking
Download the GRPI — Portugal Graph
Download the GRPI — Austria Graph
Download the GRPI — Malta Graph
Download the GRPI — Thailand Graph
Download the GRPI — UK Graph
Download the GRPI — US Graph
Download the GRPI — Canada Graph
Download the GRPI — Cyprus Graph

Download the Global Citizenship Program Index (GCPI) general program information

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