Switzerland Business & Investment Handbook

by Dr. Christian H. Kälin, Henley & Partners

The Switzerland Business & Investment Handbook covers all key aspects of doing business, investing and living in Switzerland. It is a unique reference manual featuring over 30 separate chapters, each of them concise and to the point, providing the information that really matters. Besides an introduction to Switzerland's historical, political, social and economic framework, the book covers the Swiss legal system, company and contract law, competition law, intellectual property law, taxation of personal income and investments, corporate taxation, VAT, international tax aspects, real estate, residence, the social security and pension system, Swiss annuities and life insurance, corporate and private banking, financial market regulation and other important subjects. Overview tables, useful check lists, portraits of the Swiss cantons, a bibliography, a comprehensive facts and figures section as well as a clearly organized address section make the handbook user-friendly and practice-oriented.

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