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The Hon. Demetris Syllouris MP

Demetris Syllouris was elected Member of Parliament for five consecutive terms, from 1991 to this date, Mr. Syllouris has been a Member of various House Committees, including the Committee on Labour and Social Insurance, the Committee on Internal Affairs, the Committee on Trade and Industry (Chairman 1996-2001), the Committee on Foreign Affairs (Deputy Chairman 2001-2004) and then of the newly-formed Committee on Foreign and European Affairs, as well as the Committee on Institutions, Merit and the Commissioner for Administration (Ombudsman) (Chairman 2011- 2014). He has been actively involved in integration and other EU issues even before Cyprus joined the Union in 2004, having been Vice Chairman of the EU- Cyprus Joint Parliamentary Committee from 1997 to 2004 and an Observer at the European Parliament in 2003.

The Hon. Demetris Syllouris MP