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Dr. Simon Shen

Dr. Simon Shen is the Associate Professor and Associate Programme Director of the Global Studies at the Faculty of Social Science of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. A graduate of the University of Oxford and Yale University, Dr. Simon Shen is one of the few international relations scholars originating from Hong Kong who has earned both international and local recognition. He has published over 70 academic articles, including in the prestigious China Quarterly, China Review, and Journal of Contemporary China. In the domestic society, he is regarded as one of the most representative scholars in the younger generation due to his active participation in public affairs as a public intellectual and a think tanker. His social media channel, intended to make international relations more accessible, is highly popular among netizens. Dr. Simon Shen is also a lead writer (Global) at the Hong Kong Economic Journal and International Relations Consultant of the Bloomberg Business Magazine.

Dr. Simon Shen