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Henley & Partners Global Citizenship Award® 2020
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Once a year, Henley & Partners honors an inspirational global citizen. The award is a tribute to remarkable individuals who work toward improving the global community and whose actions contribute to a more just, peaceful, and tolerant world.

What do we look for?

The Global Citizen Award® commitee looks for an inspirational individual who demonstrates extraordinary vision, courage, and commitment in contributing to advancement of a significant and pressing global issue.

'Global issues' are defined as those that transcend national boundaries and cannot be resolved by any one country acting alone.

The Global Citizen Award® is open worldwide to those who are currently working in a field with a direct link to the issues they are looking to affect and excludes political figures, opinion leaders, and celebrities. The awardee's work should not remain purely academic: it needs to demonstrate a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable social groups.

The award

The award itself consists of a bespoke sculptural medal, an award certificate signed by the chairman of the Global Citizen Award® Commitee, and the monetary prize. The monetary prize, which amounts to USD 30,000, go toward supporting the awardee's efforts. Following the award, Henley & Partners is committed to work closely with the awardee for a period of one year, raising awareness about the awardee's work and supporting their selected project.

In 2020 laureate will be selected by the Global Citizen Award® Commitee, an independent body of distinguished individuals, through a majority decision. The laureate will be honored at the Global Citizen Award® ceremony on 3-4 November in Singapore as part of the annual Henley & Partners Global Citizenship Conference. Henley & Partners will cover the awardee's travel and accommodation expenses. Participation in the event is considered a condition for recepit of the award.

How to submit your nomination

To submit your nomination, please complete this form by 1 June 2020. Late nominations will not be accepted.

The strongest nominations will have detailed accounts on the candidate's profile, work, and evidence of their impact. If you have any questions, please contact the Henley & Partners Philanthropy department at

Individuals ONLY. The nominator should not be related to nominee by family or emlopyment relations.

Please provide a short profile of the nominee (max 300 words max)

Please select the global issue that the nominee's work is focused on. Should you need further information on global issues, please see

Briefly describe the nominee's professional background (150 words max):

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Describe the nominee's work at local level and how this has impacted the lives of vulnerable communities (300 words max):

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Please describe how the nominee's work has impacted or will impact the targeted global issues (300 words max):

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References - only where the nominee is recommended for work done in their individual capacity and not as a representative of an organization. Please provide updated contact details of two persons who are familiar with the work of the nominee but who are not related to them. Please note that the referees will be contacted: