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Residence and citizenship by investment

Investing in property has always been a responsible ...

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Rising Anxiety over Impact of No-Deal Brexit on Britain’s Passport Power

With just 10 weeks to go until the 31 October Brexit deadline ...

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India to Reconsider Single Citizenship Policy

Draft legislation currently before the Indian parliament ...

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Volatility drives demand for golden visas

A spike in geopolitical uncertainty, a fall in HNWI wealth ...

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Business Executives Are Buying Second Nationalities. Here’s Why.

Obtaining a new legal passport is a booming business ...

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Global Volatility Drives Demand for European Residence Programs

Brexit, Bolsonaro, and the ongoing anti-government ...

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Singapore and Japan tie for most powerful passport

According to the index, passport holders from both ...

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Visa-Freedom Has Causal Effect on Democracy Score

Using retrogression analysis, PhD candidates in Political Science ...

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The World's Most Powerful Passports

Just revealed: These are the world's most powerful passports ...

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Henley Index: Japan and Singapore top 2019 list

It's been a three-horse race this year to be named the world's ...

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Asian Countries Dominate as UK and US Passport Power Declines

Moving into the third quarter of 2019, Japan and Singapore hold ...

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Soveriegn Equity Instead of Sovereign Debt

A core premise of investment migration is to enhance a country’s ...

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