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Opinion: Brexit and the Argentinisation of British Citizenship

The Brexit referendum result is likely to mark one of the most radical losses in the value of a particular nationality in recent history. A glance at the European Union (EU) Treaty ...

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Opinion: The Global Rise of Strategic Dual Citizenship

Yossi Harpaz, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Tel-Aviv University

Citizenship-by-investment, besides representing an opportunity ...

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Global Citizen: Harald Höppner

“If you see something going wrong, act. If you think you need to change something, do it immediately. Likewise, if you have more money than you and your family need to live, use this money to help the underprivileged rather than keep it sleeping in a bank,” says ...

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Diogenes: Global Health

Life is about health, money and sex — usually in that order. For some people, their importance may appear to be reversed, and one may influence another. But it is very clear that it all starts and ...

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Events: Global Citizen Seminars – South Africa

Henley & Partners, the world’s leading global citizenship advisory firm, will host a series of seminars in South Africa next month (September) on the latest international trends ...

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New Global Index ranks the Quality of our Nationalities

Wealthy property buyers have learnt how to maximize the value of their international real estate acquisitions by connecting them to the acquisition of a quality second nationality. ...

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British passport loses its shine after Brexit

There is now a possibility where South Africans with a British passport could lose out on the privileges of living and working in Europe without the strenuous task of applying for visas ...

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PHL’s richest availing of property investments in Portugal, Malta

While the Philippines, aided by the continued growth of the real-estate sector and other industries, enjoys the fruits of long, hard-earned economic  policies championed by ...

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The Search is on for Inspirational Global Citizens

Henley & Partners is looking for individuals who have made an extraordinary contribution towards improving the global community and creating a more understanding, more tolerant world ...

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Events: Henley & Partners Opens First Office in Lebanon

Henley & Partners opened its first office in Beirut, Lebanon, on 13 April 2016. The opening was held in conjunction with a Global Citizenship Seminar ...

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Must Read: The Global Residence and Citizenship Handbook, 5th Edition

In today’s globalized world, individuals live and conduct business on an international scale, and the option of a second or even third residence or citizenship, and the freedom ...

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Additions to the US ESTA Application Form

New data fields added to the US Electronic System for Travel Authorization application form require applicants to list all other citizenships and how they were acquired ...

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