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Countries should be free to sell citizenship, but not to crooks

There are many good reasons for wanting a second passport ...

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Rich, older South African men are buying Plan B passports

In the first half of 2018 – after the election of Cyril Ramaphosa ...

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Why the rich want a Maltese passport

Malta is probably best of all —albeit expensive ...

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Passports from this EU country are the highest in demand

Passports from Malta are some of the best ...

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IIP funds to partly contribute to new accommodation units

The Individual Investor Programme of Malta will partly fund ...

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The Booming Business in Secondary Citizenships

A growing number of countries in Europe and the Caribbean offer  ...

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3 Visa Programs Generating the Most Interest

The meaning, structure, and scope of citizenship are evolving, as  ...

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Investment Migration Nearly a US$20 Billion-a-Year Industry

“The investment migration industry will soon reach US$ 20 billion ...

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World Design Capital: Mexico City 2018

Initiated by the World Design Organization, a ...

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Inside the Refugee Camp Where Technology Improves Lives

Ordinarily, the advancements in technology that receive ...

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Claims Handling with Health Insurance

For the typical global citizen, obtaining the best possible ...

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To Mars and Beyond: Freedom of Movement

Life, in a very fundamental sense, is ...

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