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Launch of the International Real Estate Handbook

15 December 2015

Henley & Partners, the global leader in residence and citizenship planning, announces the launch of the 5th edition of the International Real Estate Handbook. This book is essential for anyone who is serious about investing in real estate outside their home country.

When it comes to buying property, people are increasingly looking beyond their own borders. New and improved transport and communication links, political stability, and increased cross-border activity have made the acquisition of real estate abroad a continuing global trend. As real estate law and norms vary dramatically between countries, purchasers need to be well-informed. This Handbook provides an unparalleled insight into this complex area and is an essential tool for individuals as well as their private bankers, tax consultants, lawyers and fiduciaries.

Henley & Partners offers professional advice essential to the purchase, structuring and sale of real estate worldwide. This involves national property law, tax law and the highly complex area of international private law. These services are particularly relevant to clients who are resident or domiciled in one country, and who wish to acquire real estate in another.

The Handbook is a unique reference manual which introduces the reader to all key aspects of international real estate, and then provides 16 country specific chapters authored by leading real estate lawyers from their respective jurisdictions. It provides unique tables with international overviews, and comparisons, covering topics including purchase costs, tax rates and inheritance laws relating to real estate, and many more relevant aspects.

The book is edited by Christian H. Kälin, a Swiss lawyer and Chairman at Henley & Partners, and one of the pioneers and leading authorities in international residence and citizenship planning; and Andrew J. Taylor, the Vice-Chairman of Henley & Partners and a leading authority in strategic international real estate advisory for private clients and developers. 

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