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New Global Index ranks the Quality of our Nationalities

15 August 2016, The Address

Wealthy property buyers have learnt how to maximize the value of their international real estate acquisitions by connecting them to the acquisition of a quality second nationality. Why purchase a piece of real estate for only lifestyle or investment reasons? When you can purchase for lifestyle or investment reasons and also qualify for a citizenship-by-investment program in a number of countries. A few European countries also offer nationality in return for a financial injection into their economy.

Cyprus is particularly interesting for people building their international property portfolio. Simply acquire a qualifying EUR 2.5 million property (which must be held for only 3 years) and a professional services company in the industry, like Henley & Partners, can make the purchase subject to the acquisition of citizenship. In return for citizenship, some countries require as little as US$350,000 to be spent. Henley & Partners is the global leaders in advising private clients on where to maximize these alternative benefits.

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