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Property: Berggasse 35, Vienna

15 May, 2018

In one of the most beautiful districts of Vienna, at the juxtaposition of old and new, lies the exquisite Berggasse 35. With its construction dating back to the late 1800s, the Gründerzeit architectural-style building in the heart of the Servitenviertel district has long been a place of connection, serving once as a state telephone agency and later as an exchange office. Now, more than a century later, the property has been reinvigorated and given a contemporary makeover to become an urban village in the midst of culture, cuisine, and leisure facilities.

Berggasse 35 consists of 32 freehold modern apartments ranging in size from 61 m2 to over 600 m2 for the flagship Grand Étage. Only a handful of the properties have a balcony or terrace, and limited parking spaces are available. Each apartment has state-of-the-art features including, among others, a BUS system, air conditioning, underfloor heating, and an alarm system that can be controlled remotely, assuring owners of their prime investment’s security. There is a high demand for all the properties, with more than 10 having already been sold and several others reserved.

The three unique apartment styles offer clear-cut, open-plan living spaces on four different floors. Exceeding all expectations, the Berggasse 35’s top floor is the epitome of style, modernity, and comfort. It beautifully harnesses the architectural design possibilities and gives the occupant a breathtaking view of the city and its surroundings. Berggasse 35 is located close to high-end retail shops and within walking distance of the D-line tram station. The U2 and U4 underground lines can be reached in just a few minutes on foot, and the airport is also easily accessible.

Offering a one-of-a-kind cosmopolitan atmosphere and sophisticated experiences of Vienna, the Berggasse 35 gives you access to more than just a home — it’s enshrined in cultural splendor. The Sigmund Freud Museum is a stone’s throw away (Freud lived only a few houses away from the development), a quick stroll down the street gets you to the Schauspielhaus Theatre, and short paths from the building will take you to the Servitengasse or the Danube Canal.

What further solidifies Berggasse 35’s appeal as a permanent or second residence is the uncomplicated lifestyle it presents — be it a business lunch, relaxed drinks after work, a rejuvenating walk through the Liechtenstein Park, or a visit to the theatre or museum.

For those looking to capitalize on the future of housing, Berggasse 35 is an excellent choice in Austria to call home.