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SKN Nationals Can Travel To Brazil without a Visa

28 March 2015

Holders of a St. Kitts and Nevis passport can now travel to Brazil without a visa. The Government announced Friday in a press release that a visa waiver agreement was signed on 20 January 2015 and came into effect on 7 March 2015.

The agreement states that citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis bearing national valid passports shall be exempt from visa requirements to enter, leave, transit through and stay in the territory of the Federative Republic of Brazil, for purposes of tourism or business, for a period not exceeding 90 (ninety) days, renewable for an additional period of up to 90 (ninety) days, provided the total length of stay shall not exceed 180 (one hundred and eighty) days per 12 (twelve) month period, from the date of first entry.

The government said this agreement augurs well for the bilateral relationship between both countries and it forms part of the ongoing initiatives of the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis to boost economic growth, promote and increase trade and investment and facilitate travel.


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