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Must Read: The Cosmopolites, The Coming of the Global Citizen

In this eye-opening book, Atossa Abrahamian investigates the phenomenon of statelessness and alternative citizenship by travelling the globe to meet “cosmopolites”, or citizens of the world, who embody an increasingly fluid, borderless planet.

Along the way Abrahamian, herself a cosmopolite, meets an array of characters including passport-burning atheist hackers, the new Knights of Malta; California libertarian "seasteaders," who are residents of floating city-states; Bidoons, who have been forced to become citizens of the island nation Comoros; entrepreneurs in the business of buying and selling passports; cosmopolites who live on a luxury cruise ship called The World; and businessmen with ties to Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad.

Abrahamian states in her book, “Fixing statelessness isn’t technically very difficult. It can be solved with some basic organization and paperwork.”

Abrahamian examines the concept of citizenship-by-investment by demonstrating the intersection of two groups of people: those who hold multiple passports by virtue of economic privilege, and those who have no citizenship. Readers will be intrigued by the connections the author draws and the implications she makes on this movement away from statehood.

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