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Henley & Partners Press Releases — Page 7

Below are the media statements released by Henley & Partners. To download an article, click on the links indicated below.

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Updates to Cyprus Citizenship-by-Investment Program

The Cyprus Government, through the Council of Ministers, has revised its criteria for granting individuals Cypriot citizenship through the country’s...
Henley & Partners

SKN Citizenship-by-Investment Program Garners Praise

Henley & Partners, a long-standing supporter of the St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship-by-Investment Program, congratulates the Government of...
Henley & Partners

First Global Index to Rank Quality of Nationalities

A new index unveiled in Zurich today (2 June 2016) is the first to ever objectively rank the quality of nationalities worldwide...
Henley & Partners

Portugal and Malta Ranked World's Best Investment Migration Programs

Residence and citizenship planning has established itself as an important industry over the last few years, providing...
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Launch of the Henley & Partners Online Visa Restrictions Index 2016

Henley & Partners launches the online Visa Restrictions Index 2016 with unique insights on trends over the last 11 years.
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The Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index Celebrates Ten Years

Henley & Partners launches its renowned Visa Restrictions Index for 2015 with unique insight on trends over the last decade 
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Program Announced for World's Foremost Residence and Citizenship Forum

The world’s most respected experts in the field of residence and citizenship planning will come together at the Dolder Grand Hotel, Zurich on 5-6 May 2015 for The Henley & Partners...
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Fourth Investment Option to Golden Residence Permit Programme

The Portuguese Government has proposed a fourth investment option of EUR 350,000 in scientific research, in artistic productions or...
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Portugal Residence-by-Investment program updates

The Portuguese Golden Residence Permit Program (Golden Visa) is a five year investment-based residence program for non-EU nationals. The residence permit...