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Running the race debate

“Where do you come from?” is one of the most common questions I am asked and answer on an almost daily basis while living in Dubai as an expat.


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Become European for one million Euros

Hay pocas cosas que los más ricos del mundo no puedan comprar. Y desde hace pocos meses hay dos menos: la nacionalidad y la...


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$1.55 million passport? Malta thinks it's worth it

Citizenship to the country of Malta is now up for sale – with a hefty price tag.



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The Independent

Passports for profit

A British company will sell European Union passports to tycoons and celebrities ranging from a former Formula One world champion to a Chinese billionaire.


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Malta tightens passport sale terms under EU pressure

Malta has bowed to EU pressure over its controversial new passport scheme for...

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Citizens by choice

Naturalisation, and the holding of dual nationality, used to be suspect: where did the new citizens' loyalities lie, espacially in times of conflict? But in a world of...

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EU citizenship for sale

The government of the small Mediterranean island of Malta recently announced proposals to start selling citizenship of its nation to foreigners for €650,000 (about $888,000).


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Malta passport sale puts UK under pressure

UK ministers are under growing pressure to intervene against plans by the island of Malta to sell EU passports for €650,000, allowing...


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Passende Geschäfte

Citizenship is considered part of a person's identity. But now Malta sells EU-passports. A global trend: Nowadays, the global citizen chooses and buys the citizenship that best suits him.


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Access (almost) all areas

Holders of a UK passport are able to visit 173 of the world's nations while Afghans can visit only 28 countries free of formalities.



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UAE ranks second in Arab countries for visa-free travel

Holders of UAE passports can visit 72 countries without the need for a visa. In the Arab world only Kuwaiti citizens...


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Selling citizenship - Papers please

Hard-up countries flog passports. An article about EU-countries offering visas to foreigners.



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