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PHL’s richest availing of property investments in Portugal, Malta

WHILE the Philippines, aided by the continued growth of the real-estate sector and other industries...

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British passport loses its shine after Brexit

There is now a possibility where South Africans with a British passport could lose out on the privileges of living and working in Europe...

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‘Citizenship is inherently unjust’ says passport king Christian Kalin

Scarcity is a fundamental economic problem. And freedom of movement, for some very rich people, is one such scarce right they are willing to pay over €1 million for. Christian Kalin of Henley & Partners is the man who made it possible

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When it comes to passports, it pays to be German

FEW things in life can be as frustrating as applying for a Russian visa. First there is a never-ending form: a list of all the countries...

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Buy This Passport

Most of us don't think of citizenship as a product. It's something more: It's part of who you are. In this show, we look at what...

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World's best and worst passports revealed

When it comes to crossing international frontiers, there's one travel document that opens more doors than any other.

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The $2 Billion Market for Passports

As migration and inequality continue to get significant attention from the U.S. presidential candidates, it is worth noting a rising phenomenon at the intersection of these two topics:

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Why one-percenters spend billions on foreign passports

As migration and inequality continue to get significant attention from U.S. presidential candidates, it is worth noting...

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Creating credible immigrant investment schemes

Already around 20 countries globally offer immigration investment programmes in one form or another. And a number of others are contemplating creating such schemes of...

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What you need to know about the global investor visa boom

Spear’s meets Mark Pihlens and Hakan Cortelek, managing partners at Henley & Partners UK, to discuss the growing industry of ‘golden visas’ for HNWs

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Global Citizens

Eric Major, chief executive officer of Henley & Partners, analyses the trend of more wealthy individuals becoming global citizens.


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How much it costs to buy a visa

Many countries offer so-called golden visas that grant residence permits and, in some cases, citizenship in exchange for sizable investments. The investments are typically...



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