Belgium as a Business Location

Belgium is undoubtedly one of the most attractive European countries for doing business, as it has become the urban nerve centre of the European Community and ranks, despite its relatively small size, in the top 10 of the world's trading nations. It is a wealthy country with an excellent infrastructure, and its open economy and efficient and reliable public services all contribute to its attraction.

An International Business Environment

Another important factor is the multilingual, highly educated and productive work force. Belgian firms and their employees are used to doing business internationally, and are flexible with regard to both business and cultural differences.

Advice and support for your Business

Through its Belgian office in Antwerp, Henley & Partners assists foreign corporations and investors in establishing operations and doing business in Belgium, as well as providing them with ongoing legal, administrative and support services. As part of the worldwide Henley & Partners network, the Belgian office is well placed to make Belgium a real asset in your international business operations.

Holding and Finance Companies - Corporate Tax Advantages

Belgium is one of the best jurisdictions worldwide for holding and finance companies. Special tax incentives and the possibility of obtaining advance tax rulings make Belgium a premier choice for locating group holdings, finance companies as well as corporate headquarters.

The corporate taxation system has recently been refined to fall in line with the country's reputation as one of Europe's favorite holding jurisdictions. 

For more details on the corporate tax system in Belgium, please click here.


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