More about Belgium

Rich History and Culture

Belgium is steeped in history, and almost every town and city has Gothic and Baroque churches overshadowing historic market squares. Museums abound, showing the glory of the past. But Belgium is also home to modern art, avant-garde design, internationally renowned opera, theater and dance groups.

On the lighter side of life, it fully deserves its reputation as the home of "Burgundian" living. Food and drink are taken seriously in Belgium, and go far beyond the famous chocolates, waffles, and over 600 kinds of beer. A wide range of cafés and restaurants serving excellent cuisine is available to suit every mood.

The major cities, especially Brussels and Antwerp, have superb shopping areas where luxury goods from all over the world are available.

Wide Choice of Housing

Despite the high population density and high degree of urbanization, there is a wide choice of housing, ranging from opulent town houses and apartments to stylish villas in affluent rural and suburban communities. Real estate prices are more than reasonable in an international comparison.

High standard of Education and Healthcare

Families having their principal residence in Belgium can rely on a high standard of education, including a wide choice of international schools. Belgian universities are easily accessible and participate in European and international student-exchange programs. Healthcare is also among the best in the world.

Thanks to these high educational standards, most Belgians are multilingual, thus facilitating both business and personal contacts.

International Business Environment

Brussels, home to a multitude of international businesses, EU institutions and NATO; and Antwerp, which hosts many port-related businesses as well as over 1,500 international diamond firms; have a particular tradition of welcoming a high proportion of foreign nationals in key positions, a fact which is reflected in their cultural and social life.

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