Belgium Overview

Belgium is one of the most attractive European countries in terms of residence, citizenship and taxation.

With its rich cultural and historical heritage as well as its political and economic stability, the country offers an excellent lifestyle environment. Its capital, Brussels (NATO and EU headquarters), is also the capital of Europe with a strong international orientation. Antwerp is one of the biggest and most rapidly growing ports in the world. Belgium's legislation and many of its regulations are based on its international character.

Business, Residence and Citizenship in the heart of Europe

For entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals and investors who are not EU- and non-EU citizens, Belgium offers a path to resident status and to eventually acquiring Belgian citizenship after five years of residence.

As the country is within the EU and the Schengen zone, a Belgian residence permit allows citizens whose passport normally requires a visa to enter this zone to travel throughout this zone without the need for a visa.

The Belgian tax system is very favorable for holding companies within international structures; and individuals of independent means. That also makes Belgium an attractive location for other EU citizens to move to for reasons of personal tax planning.

Key advantages of Belgium:

  • Excellent infrastructure in the heart of Europe
  • A high-quality lifestyle and rich culture
  • One of the EU's most attractive jurisdictions for holding companies
  • Attractive residence conditions for non-EU citizens
  • Citizenship possible after five years of legal residence


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