Personal Taxation in Belgium

According to Belgian law and regulations, your worldwide private income is only taxable if you actually reside in Belgium. Some important exceptions apply, such as no tax on capital gains.

Appropriate tax planning gives you a number of important tax advantages. There are an extensive number of treaties with over 80 countries designed to avoid double taxation.

Main Tax Benefits for Private Persons resident in Belgium

The following are the key benefits of tax residence in Belgium:

  • No tax on capital gains
  • No wealth or net-worth withholding taxes
  • Maximum tax on dividends of 15% to 25%, depending on type of shares
  • No tax on surplus value of (private) real estate, when owned for a minimum of five years
  • 0-3% taxation on gifts (achievable with appropriate tax planning)
  • The possibility of paying no inheritance tax (with appropriate tax planning)
  • Extensive treaties to avoid double taxation

Special Regulations for Key Managers

Special regulations apply to key managers and directors, who are treated as foreigners resident in Belgium.

Personal Tax Advice essential

To benefit fully from the favorable opportunities offered by Belgium to affluent residents, especially in the case of an international income base, it is essential to have access to highly specialized advice in order to optimize your tax planning.


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