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Jersey — An International Finance Center

Jersey's successful role as an international financial center for more than 40 years is largely due to its ability to maintain a stable and high-quality business environment, which is an important factor for international investors.

The Jersey Financial Services Commission, an independent body, is responsible for the administration of laws relating to the industry. It is also responsible for the development of the financial services industry on the island. Most of Jersey's working population is professionally trained and work in the finance and support industries. The availability of internationally recognized accountancy and legal experts ensures smooth and professional handling of business.

An increasing number of clients worldwide choose Jersey as a preferred location mainly because it has retained a reputation for its integrity while evolving to cater to the growing needs of global finance.

A business- and investor-friendly jurisdiction

Jersey is an internationally recognized financial center with a reputation for excellence in quality and expertise. The island's location enhances its position as a finance center with easy accessibility to the UK and mainland Europe, while its judicial independence and self-governance make it attractive to businesses and investors. The communication facilities in Jersey are of a high standard, with efficient international telecommunication, information technology, and postal and courier services. e-Business initiatives are also expanding and providing the finance industry with additional support.

Jersey is also a popular host to many different types of association and corporate events from Europe, and many in the pharmaceutical, communication, manufacturing, and finance sectors make it their destination of choice.