Tax and Business in Jersey

The island's government has indicated a strong commitment to maintaining the attractiveness of the Jersey tax regime as part of its overall economic strategy.

The standard rate of income tax in Jersey is 20%. This rate is applicable both to individuals and corporate entities, as well as partnerships and branches of overseas companies.

The island has no separate corporation tax code, although Jersey has a 'zero/ten' corporation tax regime. Under 'zero/ten', companies will generally be taxed at 0% and there is a special 10% rate applying to certain regulated financial businesses.

There are no 'wealth' taxes such as capital gains tax or inheritance tax.

Other attractions of the Jersey tax system include generous rules for the taxation of employee share ownership; Social Security payments capped at a low level; no stamp duty on equity transactions; and an excellent working relationship between the Finance Industry and the Tax Office which promotes openness and economic growth.


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