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New residence options outside Brazil: the Portugal Golden Visa Program and tax benefits of Non Habitual Residents in Portugal

23 February 2016

Venue: Consulate General of Portugal in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Time: 08:30 Registration, 09:00-11h00 Seminar

Cost: This event is free of charge. However, only registered guests will be admitted.


  • A short film followed by a presentation from the AICEP on why you should choose Portugal
    Mr. Carlos Moura, Director, AICEP (Portuguese International Agency for External Trade)

  • Overview of Henley & Partners: About the firm and its global presence
    Christopher Willis, Managing Partner Americas and Caribbean, Henley & Partners  

  • Portugal Golden Residence Permit Program
    Frederico Seixas Clemente, Business Development Manager, Henley & Partners

  • The fiscal regime of Non Habitual Residents in Portugal
    Mafalda Martins Lourenço, Abreu lawyers

  • How to prepare your exit strategy when changing jurisdictions; the Brazilian case
    David Silva, Managing Partner, BLS Battella, Lasmar & Silva