STEP Asia Conference - One World, a new paradigm for wealth

7-9 October 2014, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong


Tuesday, October 7th

18:00Welcome cocktail reception

Wednesday, October 8th

08:00Refreshments & registeration
08:50Welcome from STEP Hong Kong
08:55Welcome from STEP Worldwide
09:00Keynote Address: Welcome to the new tax world
09:30Automatic exchange of tax information and privacy
10:10Why privacy matters and how to achieve it
10:40Networking and refreshments
11:10Is it too late to separate the concepts of tax and privacy?
12:00Amnesty International – A comparative analysis of how to come clean
14:00Specialist topics
14:50Specialist topics repeated – options as listed above
15:55Networking and refreshments
16:05Evaluating business models and seizing the new opportunities
16:50China – Threats & opportunities
17:30Day 1 close
18:30Cocktail reception and dinner

Thursday, October 9th

08:00Refreshments and registration
08:50Welcome from STEP Hong Kong
09:00Keynote address: Hong Kong and 2047
09:45Families at war – Lessons from the trenches
10:30International case update
11:00Networking and refreshments
11:30Ruiling from the grave – perpetual trusts, in terrorum clauses and confidentiality clauses: in whose interests are they really?
12:15Hong Kong trust law
12:45Taxation of trusts & PICs in Hong Kong
14:15Specialist topics
15:05Specialist topics repeated – options as listed above
15:50Networking and refreshments
16:15Challenging trusts – A litigator’s perspecitive on shams, reserved powers and resulting trusts
16:45Shame Tursts Revisited
17:30Final remarks and close
18:30Farewell dinner


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