Procedures and Time Frame

Step 1: Visit Greece

To start the process, the applicant must visit Greece, entering the country with a valid visa from their country of origin. The applicant may then assign a legal representative to conclude the rest of the process, including the signing of a purchase contract, the handling of banking and tax matters, and the submission of the application on their behalf.

Step 2: Choose the preferred property

The applicant must acquire a property for a minimum amount of at least EUR 250,000 plus the applicable taxes. This real estate acquisition may be limited to a single property or include multiple properties. Aside from residential and commercial properties, applicants can also purchase land.

Step 3: Submission of the application

Once the applicant has collected all the necessary supporting documents and paid the application fee, the completed application must be submitted.

Step 4: Final verification

Once the application has been verified and approved, the applicant will be invited to Greece for biometric capturing, after which the residence permit can be issued.

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