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Residence and Citizenship by Investment

The Henley Ultimate Portfolio

A New Paradigm

Unlock global access and explore the ultimate combination of alternative residences and citizenships to mitigate risk and create opportunity for you and your family. Henley Ultimate includes a bespoke suite of leading residence and citizenship by investment programs that can be acquired concurrently, through a single, streamlined application process, carefully managed and facilitated by a dedicated international advisory team.


A unique interactive investment migration portfolio creator

The Henley Ultimate Portfolio interactive interface has been constructed with the ultra-high-net-worth investor in mind. This unique tool enables investors to create their ultimate portfolio of complementary residences and citizenships via investment migration programs to unlock global jurisdictional access and opportunity. 

Residence by investment programs, also known as golden visa programs, provide high-net-worth individuals with the option to relocate and the right to live, work, study, and receive healthcare in their new countries of residence. The holders of residence permits enjoy visa-free access to the host country, and in most cases, they also benefit from visa-free access to additional destinations. For example, holding a residence permit of a European Union member state gives visa-free access to all the countries in Europe’s Schengen Area as well as a range of other destinations. 

Citizenship by investment programs provide families with the privilege of acquiring an alternative citizenship, which in turn gives them an additional passport, expanding their domicile options and global visa-free access, and possibly providing them with additional settlement rights in other countries.   

The tool is a dynamic quantitative and qualitative comparative model built on the basis of 33 unique indicators, assigned by theme into 22 sub-parameters that were then grouped into seven key parameters representing the push and pull factors for investment migration in different countries. Two additional factors — visa-free travel and approximate minimum investment amounts — are considered separately. 

With a few clicks, investors can quickly compare their current global access as well as country strengths and benefits, based on up to two existing passports already held. They can then add up to four additional citizenships or permanent residences that can be acquired via investment migration to produce their Ultimate Portfolio. Read more


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