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Henley & Partners Discusses Sovereign Equity at Davos

For immediate release: Davos, Friday 24 January 2020

Henley & Partners was delighted to take part in a Davos panel discussion during this week’s World Economic Forum, which considered innovation between the individual and the sovereign state, and the benefits that can be created through investment migration programs.

Chairman Dr. Christian H. Kaelin built on the concept of sovereign equity, which he introduced at Davos last year. The concept has positively engaged multiple audiences over the past 12 months, with Dr. Kaelin commenting that “we are in constant conversation with sovereign states – over 30 countries have recognized the potential of sovereign equity. Sovereign equity is two sides of the same coin. States offer enhanced global mobility and security, with investors literally ‘buying into a country’, injecting debt-free capital that creates sovereign and societal value”.

In addition, Dr. Kaelin noted the importance of technological advances that can help ensure that two vital requirements for successful investment migration programs are met: integrity and public approval. “It is through the intelligent application of new technology that sovereign states can protect both themselves and their citizens”, Dr. Kaelin confirmed. “Data integrity – whether in relation to citizenship, health, or personal data – is extremely important to the individual. It is imperative that contracts between nation states and citizens are made with mutual trust.”

At the panel discussion in Davos, Dr. Kaelin concluded: “What is without doubt is that the relationship between the sovereign state and the citizen is changing. Sovereign states are in constant competition for talent and capital and are proactively marketing themselves. Sovereign equity will very soon be the new normal.”


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