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Scott Moore is Managing Director and Head of the Indonesia and Philippines offices at Henley & Partners

Southeast Asia and Oceania had some of the strictest Covid regulations over the past year, causing many families to question their current domiciles. From the mass exodus of expatriates to the severely restricted mobility of locals, Henley & Partners saw an extraordinary increase in enquiries as a result.

Markets in the region have seen solid year on year growth in recent times. Families usually approach us for greater mobility, enhanced security, and opening doors for their children now and in the future. As the pandemic worsened last year, many families saw the benefit of health security as a motivation to approach Henley & Partners. Having access to countries with more advanced health facilities, even when travel was restricted, was possible with residence and citizenship by investment. Now, as a new class of millionaires emerges with the rise of cryptocurrency, we find many investors seeking out the most tax-friendly jurisdictions to realize their newfound gains. As enquiries build, we’ve extended our teams in both Singapore and Philippines to meet the increasing demand. And recognizing Indonesia as a key market, we’ve opened a local office to attend to the influx of enquiries. We’re confident a local presence will help us grow our business further in these significant wealth markets.

As in most regions, the Portugal Golden Residence Permit Program remains our most popular because of its clear pathway to European citizenship and the ability to recover most if not all of the investment depending on which option is chosen. Other investors have leaned towards citizenship by investment programs in the Caribbean — the St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment Program and the St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program in particular — and Montenegro and Malta to have the security of constitutional protection, better mobility, and settlement opportunities. Finally, Australia remains a top choice for Southeast Asian investors due to its proximity to Asia and its high quality of life.

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Southeast Asia and Oceania remain key to Henley & Partners’ global business and we will continue to invest our resources and efforts to further grow these markets. As families and businesses emerge from the pandemic, maintaining global mobility remains a top priority. Now, more than ever, wealthy clients are investing in their families’ security to ensure access to diversified domiciles — no matter what the future holds.

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