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USA Wealth Report

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The USA Wealth Report is the benchmark for private wealth research in the world’s largest wealth market. Published by Henley & Partners, the global leader in residence and citizenship by investment, in partnership with wealth intelligence firm New World Wealth, this ground-breaking first edition provides a comprehensive review of the wealth sector in the USA, including trends among high-net-worth individuals, city wealth trends, private wealth migration and investment migration insights, and a full review of the key drivers of wealth.

The report reveals that America’s millionaires are on the move. In particular, a significant internal movement of high-net-worth individuals is currently underway within the country. Cities such as Austin, Scottsdale, Greenwich, and Miami are gaining millionaires, while the wealth hubs of Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City are losing them. At the same time, affluent Americans are increasingly buying into investment migration programs overseas.

The USA is the world’s largest wealth market by a significant margin, accounting for a remarkable 32% of global wealth and 36% of the world’s millionaires (high-net-worth individuals with wealth of USD 1 million or more). America is also home to the two largest stock markets in the world (the NYSE and the Nasdaq) and nine of the world’s top ten largest companies by market cap are based in the country. The wealth held in New York City alone outstrips that of most G20 countries.

The inaugural USA Wealth Report includes exclusive private wealth and high-net-worth individual data, including:

  • The ‘Big 5’ Wealthiest Cities in the USA
  • America’s Fastest Growing Cities
  • Second Home Hotspots for America’s Most Affluent
  • Top US Hotels for Centi-Millionaires
  • Top US Colleges Producing Centi-Millionaires
  • Main Wealth-Creating Industries for US Centi-Millionaires
  • USA versus China: The Wealth of Two Superpowers

Expert Commentary

The USA Wealth Report features insights from global investment expert Jeff D. Opdyke, award-winning journalist and author Misha Glenny, and futurist and innovation strategist Nikki Greenberg, as well as Head of Research at New World Wealth Andrew Amoils, Chairman and Founder of The Family Office Association Marc J. Sharpe, and Group Head of Education Services at Henley & Partners John Milne and Managing Partner, and Head of North America at Henley & Partners, Mehdi Kadiri.

“The USA is the wealthiest country in the world by some margin and its wealth trajectory has ramifications across the globe.”

Mehdi Kadiri
Managing Partner and Head of North America at Henley & Partners

The USA Wealth Report 2022 was published on 15 February 2023.

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USA Wealth Report2023

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