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Wealth and Beyond: 2024 R360 Member Perspectives

Barbara Goodstein

Barbara Goodstein

R360 Managing Partner and NYC Chapter Chair Barbara Goodstein is a veteran CEO, entrepreneur, and corporate board member. She is the former President & CEO of Tiger 21.

For R360 members — ultra-high-net-worth wealth creators with assets exceeding USD 100 million — 2024 priorities include three key areas: strategic investment for creating a lasting legacy across generations, exploration of health and longevity industries for both investment and personal interest, and ensuring seamless succession planning for the next generation.

Don’t jump at every deal

The recent announcement of Berkshire Hathaway's Q4 earnings, boasting a staggering USD 169 billion in cash reserves, came as no surprise to R360 members. The differentiating factor between the affluent and the truly wealthy lies in the pursuit of generational wealth. Just like Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett, R360 adheres to three fundamental investment principles: patience, thorough due diligence, and avoiding the allure of perceived missed opportunities. In essence, it's imperative not to hastily jump into every investment opportunity but rather conduct meticulous research, identify exceptional companies, and seize opportunities when the timing is right. Rather than settling for modest gains, our members aim for substantial returns.

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Emphasis on wellness and longevity

The pursuit of wellness and longevity technologies is of significant interest among R360 members, driven by both personal wellness goals and investment prospects. Members are actively seeking ways to optimize their health and are engaging in solutions for addressing health concerns, whether personal or within their families. Initiatives within the R360 community include pioneering blood tests for various cancers, and ventures into regenerative medicine, gene editing, and stem cell therapies. R360 members involved in our Health, Wellness & Longevity interest circle, including the managers of multiple billion-dollar biotech funds, tour biotech labs and learn about stem cell therapies, and though the group's main focus is longevity, members have also learned more about psychedelic drugs as treatments for addiction and mental health.

Navigating the great wealth transfer

According to McKinsey & Company, the next decade will witness the largest wealth transfer in history, primarily from men to women. As wealth dynamics evolve, the significance of women in the business realm will continue to rise as will a rise in demand for women leaders proficient in managing family offices and navigating familial legacies. At R360 we recognize that wealth is about the entire family, not an individual, and our membership emphasizes family involvement. Our tailored programs for Rising Leaders — young adult children of members — equips the next generation with essential skills and strategies to safeguard family wealth for generations to come. Our meetings for members, spouses, and young adults emphasize education. We are focused on helping families communicate, set their intentions, and work together to build the life they envision.     

About R360

R360 is a by-invitation peer community of extraordinary leaders and wealth creators stewarding family enterprises that thrive through life’s transitions. At R360, we believe wealth is about more than money. It’s about cultivating capital in all its forms: financial, intellectual, social, human, emotional, and spiritual. Bound by shared values, R360 members wish to inspire future generations and use their abilities, wealth, and knowledge to become a legendary force for change.

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