More about Switzerland

With a population of eight million (of which around 25% are foreigners), Switzerland has a German, French, Italian and a very small Raeto-Romance- speaking region, each with their own cultural traditions. Without the typically Swiss art of negotiation and compromise, no working balance between such diverse regions could ever have been achieved. And this art involves the people themselves, not just a ruling elite. The right to demand a referendum or to launch political initiatives gives ordinary citizens a unique level of involvement in the running of their affairs. As a result, the Swiss have taken direct democracy further than probably any other nation in the world. The feeling of responsibility this system cultivates as well as the political stability it engenders are decisive factors in the economic success story of Switzerland. The extremely stable currency and the trade balance surpluses are two measurable results. All this has contributed to the reputation of reliability that Swiss enterprise has gained and is determined to maintain.

This long tradition of constant control by the people demands more responsibility from the individual, and it forces the Swiss to weigh short-lived success against longer-term benefits. In Switzerland, social harmony, solid legislation and dynamic foreign trade are supported and directly influenced by the individual.

An excellent business environment

Many of the world's major companies have chosen Switzerland as the location for their global, European or regional headquarters, their international finance companies or research and development facilities. Some examples are Amgen (European headquarters) in Lucerne, Kühne & Nagel (international holding) in Schwyz, Philip Morris (European headquarters) in Vaud, Compaq Computers (European headquarters) in Kloten/Zurich, or the IBM research laboratory in Rueschlikon/Zurich.

Switzerland is often perceived as a very expensive country and accessible only to wealthy individuals and large companies. However the overall cost of living and doing business in Switzerland compares very favourably with Germany, France, the Netherlands or the USA. What counts is what you get: State-of-the-art transport, communications, energy supplies and waste disposal systems cost no more in Switzerland than the price paid elsewhere for traffic congestion and environmental degradation.

Swiss Banking and Insurance

Banking and insurance are the foundation of Switzerland's financial system, which is arguably the most solid in the world. Swiss banks and insurance companies are extremely safe as the entire Swiss financial industry is tightly regulated. By providing sophisticated services to the discerning investor, by offering financial privacy, and through their solid reputation, safety and worldwide presence, Swiss banks and insurance companies are unique.



Some of the many advantages of Switzerland include:

  • Political, social and economic stability
  • Multi-lingual, highly qualified and motivated workforce
  • First-class infrastructure, excellent banking facilities
  • Very attractive lifestyle and healthy environment
  • Efficient and reliable public services
  • Possible fiscal incentives for substantial investments

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