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Key Benefits of Acquiring Residence in Switzerland

Switzerland ranks among the top countries in the world to live in due to its overall quality of living, with Zurich and Geneva frequently nominated as among the best cities in which to reside.

Historically, Switzerland has always maintained a neutral political stance internationally, a policy that has fostered a politically and economically stable environment. The combination of the country’s rich culture and heritage and its liberal attitude has given rise to one of the richest, most independent, and most organized societies. Switzerland boasts a multi-cultural and multi-lingual society, with four official languages and a growing trend to teach English at elementary school level. An ideal combination of political and economic stability, a clean and safe environment, excellent communications and transport links, and efficient public services makes it the ultimate choice for business and residence.

Switzerland is home to a large number of international organizations, such as the International Labour Organization, International Red Cross, Universal Postal Union, the World Intellectual Property Organization, UNHCR, WHO, and WTO.

Investors and entrepreneurs, as well as persons of independent means, will normally find it easy to obtain a residence permit.

Key advantages of residence in Switzerland

  • Political, social, and economic stability
  • Multilingual, highly qualified, and motivated workforce
  • First-class infrastructure, excellent banking facilities
  • Highly attractive lifestyle and healthy environment
  • Efficient and reliable public services
  • Possible fiscal incentives for substantial investments