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Acquire a Swiss Residence Permit with Residence-by-Investment

There are different types of residence categories in Switzerland, and a distinction is made between EU or European Free Trade Association (EFTA) citizens and non-EU or non-EFTA nationals. EU or EFTA nationals can obtain a residence permit without difficulty if they have an employment agreement with a Swiss employer, if they become self-employed in Switzerland, or, if no gainful occupation in Switzerland is intended, they can prove that they are financially  independent with sufficient income or wealth to cover their living costs.

The process for obtaining residence for non-EU or non-EFTA nationals is more challenging but still possible. On the basis of current Swiss immigration and tax laws and regulations, Henley & Partners designed the Swiss Residence Program.

Switzerland is often perceived as a very expensive country and accessible only to wealthy individuals and large companies. However, the overall cost of living and doing business in Switzerland compares very favorably with Germany, France, the Netherlands, and the USA, for example.

For more information on the process of moving to Switzerland, download the detailed Swiss Relocation Guide.