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Henley & Partners’ Introducer Program

At Henley & Partners, we have many years of experience working with companies and individuals who would like to offer residence- and citizenship-by-investment programs to their clients and contacts but do not have the requisite knowledge and expertise to advise them appropriately.

Henley & Partners’ Introducer Program

Why Introduce Your Clients to Henley & Partners?

We are the global leader in residence and citizenship planning and have been so for over 25 years. With such a wealth of experience, Henley & Partners is best positioned to advise your clients on their investment migration requirements — aligning their families’ needs with the most suitable residence- or citizenship-by-investment programs.

How the Henley & Partners Introducer Program works

After an initial discussion we will perform a due diligence check on you or your company. If the outcome is positive, Henley & Partners will sign an introducer agreement with you or your company.

There are two options for introducing your clients or contacts to us:

  • Obtain their permission and pass on their contact details
  • Request them to get in touch with us directly and mention that they have been referred by you

Henley & Partners is known for its excellent and reliable advisors, who are highly regarded for their strong sense of quality, professionalism, and competence. You and your clients will benefit from our exceptional advisory and processing services.

We will pay you a portion of our fee as a commission.


To discuss what we can offer you and your clients, please complete our online form and we will be in touch.