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Real Estate Investment in Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda has a long-standing history of providing luxury tourism.

The highly developed tourism industry in Antigua and Barbuda makes the twin islands an attractive destination for investors wishing to gain citizenship through a real estate investment.

Strong global competition has affected the tourism industry, and therefore the nation’s economy, and has led in part to the creation of the citizenship-by-investment program. Henley & Partners was instrumental in the design, implementation, and international promotion of the program to ensure its maximum effectiveness.

The firm has an in-depth knowledge of and regularly evaluates the country’s real estate market in order to be able to offer clients with the best investment options, for security, resale ability, and better value. Property values in Antigua and Barbuda are relatively low and offer a high-quality range of options.

The citizenship-by-investment program offers the option to invest in real estate, and thus recover your funds (after the five-year minimum holding period).