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Citizenship by Investment Planning

This 25-year track record of designing, implementing, and operating programs on behalf of governments is unique to Henley & Partners. It is an important and distinct advantage that all our clients enjoy.

Citizenship by Investment Planning

An Introduction to Citizenship by Investment Planning

Henley & Partners is the global leader in residence and citizenship by investment. Our clients include wealthy individuals and their families, as well as private wealth advisors worldwide, who rely on our expertise and experience in this specialized area. We advise our clients on the best options and citizenship by investment programs currently available for acquiring alternative citizenship.

Over the years, our teams have assisted thousands of clients to acquire alternative residence and citizenship, and we are responsible for more than USD 12 billion in foreign direct investments worldwide.

We also provide authoritative resources on global residence and citizenship options through our annually updated Investment Migration Programs report. This comprehensive publication serves private clients, wealth management professionals, and governments, and includes the Global Residence Program Index and the Global Citizenship Program Index, which assess the relative worth of reputable residence and citizenship by investment programs. Additionally, our Henley Ultimate Portfolio is an interactive platform that enables investors to explore the ultimate combination of alternative residences and citizenships to unlock global access, mitigate risk, and create opportunity.

In addition to advising private individuals and families, Henley & Partners has a unique position as being the only firm worldwide to have advised multiple governments on projects ranging from strategic consulting to the design, implementation, and operation of investment-related residence and citizenship programs. The firm continues to advise and assist governments around the world in this field, and in 2013 was awarded a public services concession under competitive tender by the Government of Malta for the design, implementation, and international promotion of the Malta Individual Investor Program, which was the most successful citizenship program in the world, until its reconfiguration in 2020.    

This 25-year track record of designing, implementing, and operating programs on behalf of governments is unique to Henley & Partners. It is an important and distinct advantage that all our clients enjoy.

Private clients

Today, a person of talent and means need not limit their life and citizenship to only one country. Making an active decision with regard to your citizenship gives you more personal freedom, privacy, and security. Henley & Partners has the expertise and experience necessary to advise and assist clients with this decision.

As a client of Henley & Partners, you receive integrated solutions rather than isolated advice. By working closely together as a team, our specialists pool together their knowledge and experience so that the specific details of each client’s case are considered from all relevant perspectives. Not only do you have a large number of experts at your disposal, you are also assigned a personal advisor who coordinates the various specialists and ensures continuity of strategy and service.

Henley & Partners has the expertise to offer you real options with a sound legal basis. There are only a limited number of countries that offer citizenship programs that provide a direct route to citizenship based on investment and that have passed Henley & Partners’ country due diligence. Such countries include Austria, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Egypt, Grenada, Jordan, Malta, North Macedonia, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, and Türkiye. Other countries offer a route to citizenship following a reasonable period of residence, such as Australia, Canada, Greece, Portugal, Singapore, the UK, and the USA.

For each of our clients, we analyze the individual situation carefully, present the available options, develop a plan of action, and execute the strategy. Our extensive expertise and experience empower us to deal with government procedures quickly and efficiently on your behalf.

Wealth management professionals

Every day, not only do individual private clients and families rely on us for our specialist knowledge in citizenship planning but also their trusted advisers worldwide. Our services include comparative citizenship law, the relinquishment of citizenship, and the acquisition of citizenship based on residence, ancestry, or citizenship by investment.

The specialized services of Henley & Partners are a resource and complement to other firms that advise international private clients. We regularly help law firms, private banks, family offices, and other wealth management professionals with the unique and specific details required for a citizenship planning portfolio for their clients.


Besides its successful practice for international private clients, Henley & Partners also frequently advises governments and their agencies on economic development strategies and their implementation. Our government advisory practice focuses particularly on creating favorable conditions for foreign direct investment through the design, implementation, and operation of investment migration (residence and citizenship) programs and similar instruments aiming to enhance a country’s attractiveness to international entrepreneurs and investors. Henley & Partners has been responsible for raising more than USD 12 billion in foreign direct investment and has designed, co-advised, or been mandated to implement the most successful residence and citizenship programs worldwide. 

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