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With its rich cultural heritage, vibrant lifestyle, and thriving economy, Hungary provides an exceptional standard of living for its residents. Its strategic location at the center of Europe makes it an ideal location for investors looking to access the European markets.


Country Overview

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Country Information

Hungarian residents benefit from the country’s strategic location along key land routes in Europe and its high quality of life.


9.7 million


Hungarian, with English and German widely spoken


Diverse and thriving economic landscape with a focus on manufacturing and agriculture


Hungarian forint

Living in Hungary

One of the oldest countries in Europe, Hungary is renowned for its rich history, stretching back over 1,000 years. With an exceptionally high standard of living, where modern amenities blend seamlessly with historic charm, Hungary boasts a diverse cultural scene, exciting nightlife, and a welcoming atmosphere. Located in the heart of Europe, Hungary offers easy access to neighbouring countries, making it an ideal hub for European travel and business.

Cultural heritage and natural beauty

Boasting an abundant cultural heritage, stunning architecture, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and vibrant folk traditions, Hungary offers picturesque landscapes and natural beauty with endless opportunities for outdoor recreation and relaxation. The capital city, Budapest, captivates with a blend of old-world grandeur and contemporary allure and is home to the majority of the country’s cultural, scientific, academic and artistic institutions.

Strategic investment opportunities

As a dynamic and rapidly growing economy situated at the crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe, Hungary’s strategic location presents promising opportunities for economic growth and investment. With a well-developed infrastructure, skilled workforce, and competitive business environment, Hungary's commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship is evident in initiatives such as its research and development sector and supportive start-up ecosystem. As a member of the European Union, Hungary offers stability, security, and access to a vast network of markets and resources.


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