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Webinar: Henley & Partners North America Bi-Weekly Forum

8 April 2020, Online

Henley & Partners North America will be hosting a 30-minute video conference that will be aired on a bi-weekly basis, including a great line up of speakers from top institutions and organizations. The first speaker in the Henley & Partners North America Bi-Weekly Forum series will be Dr. Evan Saperstein, an adjunct professor of history at William Paterson University and Bergen Community College and a social studies teacher in New Jersey. He will be speaking on “Fostering Global Citizenship in an Age of Globalization.”


With the continued growth of the internet and the advent of a new digital age, the dissemination of information is accelerating at an unprecedented rate. Through the rapid flow of capital, goods, and services, the world has become an increasingly interconnected global system. The divides that once kept people and countries apart — be it cultural, economic, geographic, historical, or linguistic — are smaller and less recognizable. People are not as tethered to their national or ethnic identities, and the concept of citizenship has expanded to include global belonging.

In recent years, the idea of “global citizenship” has grown in scholarly circles and developed into a nascent discipline known as global citizenship education. Global citizenship education strives to deepen cross-cultural understanding through the study of current transnational issues. This presentation will address the findings and takeaways of my study on globalization and global citizenship.


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