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Webinar: Henley & Partners North America Bi-Weekly Forum

22 April 2020, Online

Webinar: Henley & Partners North America Bi-Weekly Forum

Henley & Partners North America will be hosting a 30-minute video conference that will be aired on a bi-weekly basis, including a great line up of speakers from top institutions and organizations. Our Guest speaker on 22 April will be Mr. Mark Shekter, CEO and Co-Founder of Think8 Global institute. His topic will be “Creativity in the time of COVID-19: Surviving and Thriving in the New Economy.”


As co-founder and CEO of the Think8 Global Institute, a business design firm based in Montreal, Mark works with companies, entrepreneurs and organizations in all sectors to help them achieve their very best through his highly innovative methodologies. Stressing the importance of meaningful work and dedicated to ensuring that an organization’s culture allows everyone to participate to their fullest, Mark travels the globe to help build dynamic, sustainable enterprises that are socially and environmentally responsible.  

Mark’s expertise in formulating creative solutions draws from his unique background as an internationally acclaimed writer-composer-producer of film, television and new media distributed in over 100 countries. His awards include Emmys, New York Film Critics, and US Parents Choice awards. His work with some of the world’s top stars like Jim Carrey, Steve Martin, Elton John, Leonard Cohen and Ray Charles, led to his development of breakthrough systems that are used by CEO’s, business strategists, entrepreneurs, and professionals in all industries worldwide. A lecturer and speaker, Mark believes in our unlimited potential to realize our cherished life’s goals.


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