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Webinar: South Africans Invest in Real Estate-linked Migration Programs

Wednesday, 18 November 2020, Online

Webinar: South Africans Invest in Real Estate-linked Migration Programs

Henley & Partners together with Tax Consulting SA and Xpatweb cordially invite you to a webinar for South African high-net-worth-individuals interested in securing a residence or alternative citizenship through real estate investment.

In the current context of significant global instability triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic and the proposed tax changes for South Africa, many strategic investors are engaging in planning and assessing their wealth portfolios and opting to diversify via real estate–linked investment migration programs. The appeal is that they offer a hybrid investment that includes alternative residence or citizenship in addition to all the traditional real estate upside.

Savvy investors are seeing the benefits of investment migration not only as a means to improve their global mobility or for lifestyle and education purposes, but also as an avenue to take their businesses global, protect their families’ future and have an insurance policy in place.

The discussion will focus on residence and citizenship options in Europe, the Caribbean and Mauritius, including the benefits, requirements, eligibility criteria as well as the tax considerations involved and financial emigration for South Africans.

Date:  Wednesday, 18th November 2020

Time:  10:00am

Amanda Smit
Amanda Smit, Manging Partner at Henley & Partners South Africa
Jonty Leon
Jonty Leon, Legal Manager (Financial Emigration) at Tax Consulting SA
Tarissa Wareley
Tarissa Wareley, Immigration Specialist at Xpatweb

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