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The Henley Opportunity Index evaluates 15 investment migration countries across six parameters, including quality of education, earning potential, career advancement, employment prospects, economic mobility, and high livability, providing a benchmark for investors to compare and identify locations that offer the best ecosystems for future generations to maximize their career prospects and prosperity.

Using the same methodology and data sources, we have assessed and scored Africa’s wealthiest countries to illustrate how families from these nations can improve their life chances and future-proof the next generation through investment migration. Read the methodology here.

African Opportunity in Context

As the data reveals, despite most ranking in the continent’s Top 10 Wealthiest Countries, all of these nations have total opportunity scores of below 30%, compared to those of the 15 investment migration countries, which all score far higher. According to the April 2024 Henley Opportunity Index, Switzerland provides the highest total opportunity score of 88%, followed by the USA with 81% and Singapore with 80%.

Such comparisons demonstrate how African nationals are constrained by their lack of access to premium education and visa-free travel, and how investment migration can create significant opportunity for future generations by enabling them to grow their global networks and maximize their career and earning potential, as well as economic mobility, for greater success and prosperity across their lifetimes.

Visit the Henley Opportunity Index to compare the scores above with those of investment migration countries.

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