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The Henley Education Report

Featuring pioneering research and a proprietary new benchmarking tool demonstrating how premium education combined with global access acquired through investment migration creates significant opportunity for the next generation, growing their global networks and maximizing their career prospects, earning potential, and economic mobility for greater success and prosperity across their lifetimes. Read the methodology and the press release.

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The Henley Opportunity Index

A proprietary benchmarking of how premium education and expanded global access creates opportunity and drives success and prosperity.


The ‘Opportunity Advantage’ of Education and Citizenship

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Global Insights

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Switzerland enjoys the highest total opportunity score in the Henley Opportunity Index due to its outstanding earning potential, career advancement, and top-tier employment scores. It offers an excellent quality of life and enables its residents access to a wealth of opportunities within the country and abroad.

The Alpine country is known for its beautiful mountainous scenery and modern, livable cities. With its unemployment rate at just 2%, Switzerland is able to provide its residents with excellent job opportunities across all sectors, with specialists and highly qualified individuals always in demand. Locals are favored in the job market, so acquiring residence in Switzerland alongside the world-class education the country offers will ensure opportunities in one of the world’s most stable economies.

No. of Top 250 universities: 7

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The USA is placed 2nd in the Henley Opportunity Index, with high scores in top-tier employment prospects, career advancement, and earning potential. With the highest number of Top 250 universities overall, the opportunity to access outstanding education is unparalleled.

With thousands of academic programs and excellent institutions, America’s quality higher education opportunities are more diverse than anywhere else in the world. The job market of the biggest and most powerful economy globally is highly competitive, and new college graduates face challenges in securing employment. This is especially true for international students, so securing residence ahead of job hunting would significantly improve prospects and assure no chances are lost.

No. of Top 250 universities: 46

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Singapore ranks 3rd in the Henley Opportunity Index thanks to its remarkable earning potential, top-tier employment prospects, and economic mobility scores. Its robust free market economy and excellent connections to Asia and the world place it as one of the most desirable locations globally.

Singapore drives innovation and growth in the region and the world alike, focusing on cutting-edge development in banking, engineering, fintech, IT, and software development. The competitive job market adopts a skills-first approach, meaning employers will overlook a lack of experience if a candidate possesses the necessary skills, allowing recent graduates more ease of entry. While a world-class education on its own secures a wealth of opportunities in Singapore, coupling it with residence rights in this global innovation hub ensures security for generations to come.

No. of Top 250 universities: 2

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Australia ranks 4th in the Henley Opportunity Index due to its impressive top-tier employment prospects, career advancement, high livability and economic mobility scores. The cities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide consistently rank in the top 100 best places to live globally, making Australia a highly sought-after destination.

Opportunities abound for qualified professionals, with Australia boasting among the highest graduate salaries in the world. Australia is a welcoming space for expats, reflected in its open immigration policies and a commitment to bringing foreign talent in. This, in tandem with excellent prospects, especially in the engineering, finance, and healthcare sectors, makes Australia an extremely attractive destination.

No. of Top 250 universities: 18

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Canada enjoys 5th place in the Henley Opportunity Index thanks to achieving excellent scores in top-tier employment prospects, career advancement, and economic mobility. The second largest country in the world consistently ranks as one of the best and most peaceful places to live.

Canada boasts the 9th biggest economy in the world, with emerging industries such as cryptocurrency and e-commerce marking rapid growth. It also has a large and developing finance and banking space, with predictions that 2024 will see a diversifying market and varied job opportunities. Canada has one of the most highly educated workforces worldwide, solidifying its excellent premium education access score. With that, employers tend to favor residents for job openings, and therefore acquiring residence rights is of immense value. 

No. of Top 250 universities: 11

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The UK stands in 6th place in the Henley Opportunity Index, with outstanding scores in career advancement, premium education, and economic mobility. London is a renowned global business hub and offers a dynamic job market with a mix of traditional and emerging industries.

Studying in the UK means access to some of the world’s best and most renowned universities and colleges with the opportunity to enter into a competitive yet dynamic employment landscape. Graduates enter the fifth largest global economy, with the service sector as a key component and prominent industries including banking, finance, and insurance. Those who have top qualifications, the necessary skills, and valuable experience have a strong chance of securing employment that allows for excellent career progression and earning potential. Since immigration is consistently a prevalent topic, it is beneficial to resolve the matter of residence ahead of time to ensure access to the best opportunities.

No. of universities in the Top 250: 33

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Austria ranks 7th in the Henley Opportunity Index thanks to its impressive economic mobility, top-tier employment prospects, and high livability scores. Vienna consistently appears at the top of the world’s most livable cities ranking, boasting a high standard of living, excellent wages, and abundant opportunities.

Austria has a thriving economy dominated by small and medium sized enterprises, with booming energy, hospitality, and tourism industries. Unemployment rates are consistently low across the country, with excellent prospects across sectors for recent graduates. Highly qualified professionals have a variety of industries at their disposal, with relocation made much simpler for citizens of European Union members states, who enjoy the right to live and work in this premier destination without restriction.

No. of universities in the Top 250: 2

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Hong Kong


Hong Kong (SAR China) is 7th in the Henley Opportunity Index thanks to excellent scores in top-tier employment prospects, earning potential, and career advancement. Despite its small size, Hong Kong is home to 5 of the Top 250 universities globally.

Many global corporations choose Hong Kong as their Asian base, so there is a multitude of prospects in its diverse job market, including asset management, the creative industry, data analytics and data science, fintech, and IT. As a key hub of finance, trade, international relations, and culture, graduates in Hong Kong have a variety of options to explore. There are many opportunities for employment in prestigious organizations and demand for highly skilled employees is high.

No. of universities in the Top 250: 5

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Spain ranks 8th in the Henley Opportunity Index due to its excellent economic mobility, in which it scores highest overall. Its other opportunity strengths lie in top-tier employment prospects, high livability, and career advancement. With its high quality of life and low cost of living, Spain is a popular relocation and second-home destination.

The Mediterranean country is home to one of the oldest universities in the world, Universidad de Salamanca, founded in 1218. Its rich history and culture are interwoven throughout the country, which is a popular destination for tourists and has a growing expat community. The popular hubs of Barcelona, Madrid, and Sevilla have plenty to offer, including employment opportunities in sectors such as banking, engineering, and tourism. With residence or citizenship of Spain, opportunities across sectors multiply.

No. of universities in the Top 250: 4

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The UAE ranks 8th in the Henley Opportunity Index, with highest scores in top-tier employment prospects, earning potential, and economic mobility. With Dubai and Abu Dhabi emerging as global wealth hubs, career opportunities are developing at a pace.

The UAE is a well-connected global hub, and large international companies are increasingly present in the Middle East, allowing for the development of a robust economy that is rapidly growing. There is excellent earning potential for highly skilled individuals, especially in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) as well as private healthcare. The highly international environment, with only 10% of residents being nationals, allows for great opportunities in securing employment and career advancement.

No. of universities in the Top 250: 1

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Italy ranks 9th in the Henley Opportunity Index, with a remarkably high score in economic mobility, and strong career advancement, top-tier employment prospects, and high livability scores. As a well-known and globally recognized hub of culture and history, it is one of the world’s most popular destinations for tourists and those seeking to relocate.

In terms of industry and employment opportunities, the hubs are in Italy’s major cities of Rome, Florence, Milan, and Genova. Emerging spheres include consulting, IT, private healthcare, and software development, where highly qualified professionals have plenty of opportunities to secure employment and career development, while living in a country with a high standard of living and a unique blend of cultural richness and modernity.

No. of universities in the Top 250: 4

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New Zealand


New Zealand ranks 10th in the Henley Opportunity Index, with high economic mobility, high livability, and earning potential scores. The small island nation stands out with five universities in the Top 250 globally, reflecting its commitment to academic excellence.

Residents of New Zealand enjoy an outstanding quality of life, a reasonable cost of living, and a wide range of job opportunities, especially for such a remote country. An expansion of several industries is underway, including consulting, hospitality, sales, and tourism, bringing a requirement for highly qualified professionals to fill these spaces. With beautiful landscapes, a low crime rate, and excellent living standards, New Zealand is one of the best family options for residence.

No. of universities in the Top 250: 5

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Malta ranks 11th in the Henley Opportunity Index, with an excellent economic mobility score, high livability and top-tier employment prospects. Its attractive opportunities for highly skilled talents make it a favorite destination among globally mobile individuals.

The Mediterranean island nation has fostered a booming economy, recognized for its pro-business attitude, advanced infrastructure, and cost-effective environment. With its access to quality education, low crime rate, and exceptional private health facilities, Malta has assured an excellent quality of life for its citizens. Its expanding economy includes blockchain, cryptocurrency, fintech, and software development sectors, where graduates with the necessary skills are bound to find a suitable match.

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Portugal ranks 12th in the Henley Opportunity Index, enjoying an excellent economic mobility score. Its other strengths are high livability and top-tier employment prospects. Steeped in history and with a vibrant culture, Portugal is popular among tourists, and its stable economy attracts investors .

With its prime location on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal offers a mild climate and stunning natural beauty. The Portugese economy is largely founded on the services sector, but aerospace, biotech, real estate, and telecommunications are emerging as new fields of interest. Lisbon in particular is seeing rapid growth of start-ups, especially in the IT sphere. Portugal is one of the favored destinations for relocation, with opportunities expanding for those who secure residence. 

Find out more about residence by investment in Portugal here.



Greece ranks 13th in the Henley Opportunity Index, with an impressive economic mobility score. Other strengths are the country’s high livability score and top-tier employment prospects. With its rich culture and history, Greece is one of the most popular global destinations for tourism and business alike.

The Greek economy has seen consistent growth over the past period, with IT and software development companies marking the most potential for further expansion. A set of pro-market reforms was implemented in 2023, having a positive impact on the country and Greek companies, which in turn benefited the economy, so much so that The Economist named Greece a top performing economy of 2023. Furthermore, the low crime rate and excellent private healthcare make Greece a top contender for relocation or owning a second home.

Find out more about residence by investment in Greece here.



The Henley Opportunity Index quantifies the enormous impact that world-class education combined with expanded access and privileges through investment migration can have in preserving multi-generational wealth.

As research shows, over 50-60% of income variation globally is simply attributable to differences in countries’ average incomes. Gaining access to opportunities in more developed economies through education and second citizenship therefore has an outsized influence on earning potential and standard of living.

The Henley Opportunity Index evaluates 27 countries across six parameters, including education, earning potential, career advancement, employment prospects, economic mobility, and livability. For purpose of comparative analysis, the countries include 15 leading investment migration country options and 13 key source markets for education and global mobility, with Hong Kong (SAR China) falling into both categories. This provides a benchmark for investors to compare and identify locations that offer the best ecosystems for future generations to maximize their career prospects and prosperity.

The research shows that successfully balancing wealth generation and opportunity creation are key characteristics of ascendant economies and vibrant societies. The Henley Opportunity Index guides families on tailored investment migration strategies to clear pathways for their heirs to access the world’s best schooling, most lucrative job markets, and enhanced quality of life through the privileges and flexibility of alternative residence or citizenship rights.

By quantifying the value of this potent combination, the Henley Opportunity Index aims to help families futureproof the next generation so they can preserve and enhance multi-generational wealth in an unpredictable world.

Key parameters

The framework specifically includes parameters of relevance to international investors who are considering investment migration programs in thriving countries with excellent education systems as a mechanism to improve their and their children’s access to better opportunities by virtue of being able to be educated and subsequently reside long-term in a destination country without having to acquire a work permit or visa. The six overarching parameters are earning potential, career advancement, top-tier employment prospects, premium education, economic mobility, and high livability. All are converted to scores out of 100 and equally weighted to create a total opportunity score out of 100. Read more


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The Henley Education Report was published on 13 February 2024.

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