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Henley Global Mobility Report

The Henley Global Mobility Report is a unique publication featuring commentary by leading scholars and experts on major trends influencing mobility patterns. Grounded in geopolitical analysis and focusing on the unprecedented global challenges and risks shaping our world — climate change, conflict and political upheaval, technological disruption, economic crises, and demographic imbalances — this quarterly report offers exclusive insights into what we can expect in the months to come.

Henley Global Mobility Report


Comparing the latest results of the Henley Passport Index with the Global Peace Index 2022  reveals a strong correlation between a nation’s passport power and its peacefulness. This unique research by Henley & Partners in partnership with Deep Knowledge Analytics (DKA), a DeepTech focused agency that produces advanced analytics using sophisticated technology to deliver insightful market intelligence and pragmatic forecasting, confirms that your citizenship, and therefore your passport, are of great consequence in terms of navigating geopolitical turmoil and mitigating the associated risks. Read more.

Peaceful countries have more powerful passports

Commenting on the results illustrated above, Stephen Klimczuk-Massion, Quondam Fellow of Oxford University's Saïd Business School and Member of the Advisory Committee of the Andan Foundation, says “it’s an understatement to say that we are living through a particularly turbulent time worldwide, with the pandemic still casting a long shadow and newer developments such as war, inflation, political instability and incidents of violence increasingly dominating the headlines. In this context, a passport is more than ever a calling card, which, depending on which passport you carry and where you are going, will have an impact on the kind of welcome you will receive, where you can go, and how safe you will be when you get there. Now more than ever, it’s a mistake to think of a passport as merely a travel document that allows you to get from A to B. The relative strength or weakness of a particular national passport directly affects the quality of life for the passport holder and may even be a matter of life and death in some circumstances.”


This collaboration between DKA and Henley & Partners features 163 countries. We have drawn on two sets of data to compare each country’s visa-free or visa-on-arrival score with its peacefulness: Henley & Partners’ Henley Passport Index and the Institute for Economics & Peace’s Global Peace Index 2022. The Henley Passport Index is the original, authoritative ranking of all the world’s passports according to the number of destinations their holders can access without a prior visa and is based on exclusive data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The Global Peace Index, the world’s leading measure of global peacefulness, evaluates the state of peace across three spheres: societal safety and security, ongoing conflict (domestic and international), and the extent of militarization. The data posted here is freely accessible for private non-commercial use only.

The Henley Global Mobility Report 2022 Q3 was published on 19 July 2022.


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