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Living in Jersey — An Overview

Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands, which are situated in the English Channel just a few miles from the French coast. The Channel Islands are not part of the United Kingdom but are a part of the British Isles, which gives them a unique constitutional link — one that offers complete financial and fiscal independence. Jersey is neither represented in the United Kingdom parliament nor involved with, or subject to, the judicial and administrative systems of the United Kingdom.

Jersey — A tradition of excellence in financial services

The Channel Islands have a sophisticated financial and trust industry, in which Jersey represents 43% of the island's economy and employs over 10,000 people, forming 20% of the island's workforce. Jersey welcomes quality business from clients all over the world but maintains strict safeguards in order to protect its excellent reputation. Over the past decade, legislation has been introduced to further reinforce Jersey's position.

All financial institutions are regulated and supervised in Jersey by the government's Finance and Economics Committee. Supervision is implemented by the Jersey Financial Services Commission, which exerts close control over all financial institutions and trust companies.

Jersey has one of the world's most sophisticated trust services industries and a long tradition of excellence in this sector. Particularly for the administration of trusts and international corporate structures, Jersey has certain advantages over most other jurisdictions, namely the following:

  • A long tradition of economic and political stability
  • Excellent reputation for integrity, quality, and expertise
  • Well-regulated and mature finance and trust industry
  • Major banking center
  • Convenient location in Western Europe

Our services

The head office of Henley & Partners Holdings Ltd is based in Jersey, an excellent location from the perspective of skilled resources and a stable environment with good regulatory standards. In addition to providing support services to our group entities, including compliance, risk assessment, and training, the Jersey office also assists clients to achieve their residence and citizenship needs.