Portugal Overview

Portugal is the westernmost country of mainland Europe, situated on the Atlantic seaboard, and a member of the European Union since 1986. It is a developed country with a very high Human Development Index.

While Portugal is shifting towards business services, a third of its economy remains in manufacturing. It is also the world’s largest supplier of cork and enjoys the benefits of a strong tourism industry. With little of its own hydrocarbon energy resources, Portugal is committed to creating renewable sources of energy such as hydro, wind and solar power. Over 40% of the energy created in Portugal is from such resources, including the most efficient wind tower in the world.

A relatively small country of approximately 11 million people, Portugal is considered very safe and boasts a low crime rate. Its healthcare is well developed, offering both public and private systems. Portuguese is the main language, but English is also widely spoken, particularly by younger people and especially in the tourist regions. The country is a member of the Schengen area and has used the Euro as its currency since 2002.

Key advantages of Residence in Portugal

  • It is a fast process, potentially less than two months and requiring only one visit
  • Visa free travel within the Schengen area
  • Low physical presence requirements
  • Five years residence counts towards citizenship
  • Excellent international and Portuguese schools and universities
  • Attractive corporate and private taxation system
  • International quality health care clinics and hospitals



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