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One of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, the Commonwealth of Dominica established its citizenship by investment program in 1993 to boost its investment. Dominica is a former British colony and a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, the UN, the Organization of American States, CARICOM, and other international organizations.


Dominica Real Estate

Everything you need to know about acquiring premium real estate in Dominica and linked to the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program


Holding period of real estate

Minimum three years (resalable on open market) or five years (resalable to another CBI investor)


Minimum real estate investment

USD 200,000


Type of ownership

Sole or shared ownership


Rental income opportunity





Total Properties 4

Dominica real estate

The real estate market in Dominica has been stable and has increased over the past few years. The government has deliberately set limits on the number of real estate investments introduced to the nation through the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program in order to ensure that only economically viable projects are available under the program. As such, there are a few small luxury developments available through the program for foreign investors. 

The infrastructure in Dominica is sustainable and built to be responsive to the natural environment. The government supports this infrastructure by encouraging eco-tourism and sustainability efforts. As a result, real estate in Dominica is dominated by luxury developments such as family homes and hotels that are secluded in the forest or along the many riverbanks. The available resorts are small, and there is great potential for beachfront developments.

Are there any restrictions on the acquisition of property in Dominica by foreign buyers?

No, there are no restrictions on real estate acquisition by foreign buyers.

How can immovable property in Dominica be acquired?

Immovable property in Dominica can be acquired through a normal purchase agreement between the buyer and the seller. The transfer laws are simple and straightforward.

Does the applicant need to open a bank account in order to purchase Dominica property, and if so, what is the procedure?

No, the successful applicant does not need to open a bank account on the island.

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