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Travelling the world

Thai passport holders have visa-free access to 75 countries ...

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Opening up borders via investment passports

Over the last year, there has been a palpable spike ...

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Going Global

FOUR speaks to Dr. Juerg Steffen, the CEO of the Henley & Partners ...

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UK passport drops to sixth in global power index

The UK has slipped to joint-sixth in a table of the world’s most ...

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Ranked: The World’s Least Powerful Passports in 2019

A Japanese passport permits its holder to travel ...

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Australia's passport is LESS powerful in 2019

Australia has dropped to tenth position on the scale ...

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Henley Index: Japan tops 2019 list of world's most powerful passports

The country with the world's most powerful passport in 2019 is ...

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Second Residence: Where Rich Southeast Asians Want to Invest

Cyprus is considered an attractive destination for ...

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Increase in Southeast Asian Expats Acquiring Second Residence Options

Dominic Volek from Henley & Partners reveals that across Asia ...

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Henley & Partners Enlarges Executive Committee

Continued and significant growth drives need for enhanced capacity ...

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