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Not all passports are created equal, and there's big business behind ranking how powerful they are

It takes a lot of courage to quit your day job to travel the world... ...

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Buying a second passport changed our lives: UAE expats

Dubai: Whenever he travels abroad, UAE-based Syrian ...

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Investment Migration: A Future-Proofing Mechanism for Smaller States

In an epoch as unpredictable and changeable as our own ...

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Investment Migration: Tech and the Global Village

Global citizenship is a truly epoch-defining term ...

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Henley & Partners Statement

Henley & Partners acknowledges the recent publication of ...

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Japanese passport is the most powerful in the world, Henley index shows

A new country has taken the top spot as the most powerful passport ...

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Japan claims world's 'most powerful' passport

Japan has overtaken Singapore to claim the title of world's 'most powerful' passport ...

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This Island Nation Has The Most Powerful Passport In The World

The Index offers a fully up-to-date list of which countries each nation's passport can access visa-free ...

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Japan now offers world's most powerful passport

Global citizenship and residence advisory firm Henley & Partners has released ...

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Selling citizenship is big business—and controversial

It is easy money for small countries, but it also attracts criminals ...

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