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Best Residence by Investment Cities for Business Index

A unique new analytical tool to assist international companies, entrepreneurs, and investors make strategic choices about where best to locate their headquarters, executives, employees, and themselves in a pandemic world.

Best Residence by Investment Cities for Business Index

Futureproof your business through investment migration

In response to a dramatically changing global landscape, Henley & Partners in collaboration with Deep Knowledge Analytics (DKA) has vigorously assessed the capitals and other major cities of each residence-by-investment country according to the top 10 criteria or parameters that business owners would consider when deciding where in the world to locate and run their businesses.  Read more.








Data Points

Groundbreaking research and analysis

The Best Residence by Investment Cities for Business Index showcases 25 cities that are proactively welcoming international entrepreneurs, company owners, and investors, and while some are clearly leading the pack, each has its strengths, and all are vying for much-needed capital and talent in the wake of the devastation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The key takeout from this fascinating research is that there are abundant opportunities to strengthen and grow your business through investment migration programs.

This collaboration between DKA, a DeepTech focused agency that produces advanced analytics using sophisticated technology to deliver insightful market intelligence and pragmatic forecasting, and Henley & Partners, the global leader in residence and citizenship planning, draws on over 1,000 different data points and over 40 different parameters including DKA’s Covid-19 Safety Assessment and Henley & Partners’ Global Residence Program Index, as published in Investment Migration Programs 2021.

Accompanied by insightful expert commentaries that cover pertinent global and regional business and personal considerations, DKA and Henley & Partners are delighted to share this invaluable resource, which we believe will be of great interest to all those considering investment migration as an option for accessing new opportunities, be they private clients and their advisors, industry professionals, or policy makers wanting to provide these programs in order to achieve fiscal autonomy and economic growth.

A useful new tool for business leaders

When the Covid storm subsides, everything will be different. By making good choices now and investing in strategic residence-by-investment program options, you can be the agent of your change and define the future — for your family and your business.

Our Best Residence by Investment Cities for Business Index is the perfect tool, designed so that you can select the parameters that matter most to you and your business, and make an informed and considered decision about what is best for both.

The Best Residence by Investment Cities for Business Index was published on 14 September 2021.


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