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Henley Global Mobility Report

The Henley Global Mobility Report is a unique publication featuring commentary by leading scholars and experts on major trends influencing mobility patterns. Grounded in geopolitical analysis and focusing on the realities shaping our world – from the dual crises of Covid-19 and climate change, to the mobility divide and citizenship diversification – this quarterly report offers exclusive insights into what we can expect in the months to come.

Henley Global Mobility Report


Travel freedom has generally expanded significantly since the first Henley Passport Index was published 17 years ago. In 2006, the global average number of countries that could be visited without having to obtain a visa in advance was 57. In 2022, the average has risen to 107. But this apparent progress is masking a growing divide in mobility — and the resulting access to opportunities — between citizens in the wealthy global north and those in the lower-income global south, which includes many fragile states. Japanese, Swedish, and US passport holders can visit more than 180 destinations without a visa, whereas citizens of Angola, Cameroon, and Laos can visit only about 50.

Against this backdrop of increasing disparity, high-net-worth investors and entrepreneurs are looking to create portfolios of complementary citizenship and residence options in multiple jurisdictions through investment migration programs, to access health security and optionality in terms of where they and their families can comfortably live, conduct business, study, and invest. Even those from advanced economies with premium passports can see the value in having choice and creating different options that will help spread risk, provide new opportunities, and mitigate against an increasingly volatile world.


Increase in Visa-Free Destinations: 2006 versus 2022

The darker blue countries have been most effective in increasing the number of destinations their citizens can access visa-free or with a visa-on-arrival. Hover over a country to see the number of additional destinations it has gained access to since 2006.

The Henley Global Mobility Report 2022 Q1 was published on 11 January 2022.


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