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Investment Migration Climate Resilience Index

A unique new analytical tool to assist global citizens and investors seeking to improve their resilience to the impacts of climate change through investment migration. Assess your country’s climate resilience and explore the residence and citizenship by investment program options available in order to make strategic, data-driven choices about where best to live, study, conduct business, invest, and retire — now and for future generations.

Investment Migration Climate Resilience Index

Best investment migration options to improve your climate resilience

Climate change is no longer a threat, it’s a reality. There are stark warnings that the world will likely warm by more than 1.5° C over the next five years, fueling a sharp increase in climate and investment migration to countries and cities where people, assets, and infrastructure are likely to be better protected from the now inevitable adverse impacts of climate change. This raises a crucial question for investors who are proactively looking to build future-ready climate resilient portfolios: Where are the optimal places to relocate to, and invest and grow your business in, if you want to lower your risk when it comes to the impact of climate disasters? In response, Henley & Partners in partnership with Deep Knowledge Analytics has produced the Investment Migration Climate Resilience Index. Read more.








Data Points

Our investor-centric approach

Using over 900 different data points within 5 parameters, and taking into account key factors of vulnerability, readiness to leverage climate investments, and economic ability to adapt, the innovative new study has produced a Climate Resilience score for 180 countries. You can use this interactive tool to compare countries’ Climate Resilience scores and explore investment migration program options that offer a pathway to residence rights or citizenship acquisition in more climate resilient locations.

The Investment Migration Climate Resilience Index uniquely combines World Bank GDP data (the average of normalized GDP and GDP per capita for each country) with the University of Notre Dame’s latest Notre Dame Global Adaptation Initiative (ND-GAIN) Country Index, which summarizes countries’ vulnerability to climate change and readiness to convert financial investments (climate finance) into climate adaptation measures. By adding GDP data to the mix, Henley & Partners’ new Global Climate Resilience Ranking incorporates the important consideration of a country’s economic ability to adapt to climate change and protect its citizens against the most adverse effects thereof.

Most countries are in the lower resilience band

To further assist investors looking to decrease their exposure to high climate risk, the countries have been separated into three resilience bands: higher resilience, medium resilience, and lower resilience. The sobering reality is that of the 180 countries assessed, only 15 are classified as higher resilience, with Climate Resilience scores of 60 or more out of 100. A further 23 are classified as medium resilience, with scores of 45 to 59.9, while the remaining 142 — the vast majority — are all lower resilience, with scores of 44.9 or less. Citizens in countries in the lower resilience band will be more at risk from extreme environmental events such as forest fires, hurricanes, heat waves, floods, droughts, and storms. Infrastructure will be both weaker and more exposed, and the ability to prepare for and respond to the aftermath of extreme weather events will be lower.  

A first-of-its-kind metric

In this volatile Age of Uncertainty, no one should be planning for the long term without considering the climate change factor. Changes in climate are already impacting on virtually all businesses and on all aspects of our lives and will certainly do so increasingly in the future. The countries and cities that are most resilient to climate change will continue to attract global talent and investors in search of ‘climate havens’ that have prepared for what lies ahead. By investing strategically in residence or citizenship by investment programs in more climate resilient locations you can futureproof your family and your assets, redefining your future and safeguarding generations to come.  

Our Investment Migration Climate Resilience Index is a first-of-its-kind metric for those in the market for an alternative residence or supplementary citizenship, designed so that you can select the most climate resilient option for your family, and make an informed and considered decision about what is best for all. As the results reveal, there are 15 investment migration programs available in higher and medium resilience countries, each providing a trusted mechanism for accessing more climate resilient locations. This should now be part of every investor’s long-term asset location strategy.

The Investment Migration Climate Resilience Index was published on 17 May 2022.


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